Faux wood shutters


Our Faux wood plantation shutter collection is a current best seller. This water proof and robust shutter is a rival and great alternative to 'real wood'. Emanuel's faux wood shutters are both China and UK Made. UK made designs can be installed within a month of order and offer a fantastic colour pallette along side the more commonly used white and offf whites. Tier on tier, full height, cafe and shapes can all be made using faux wood. Great fro bathrooms and wetrooms. 


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Bass wood Shutters


Emanuel's Bass wood plantation shutters are made to the highest standards and are imported from China. Made using wood from 'Lyme tree', bass wood shutters are a light and sterdy wood shutter which has many colours, shades and frames to chose from. All the popular mounting methods can be used with bass wood including tier on tier, full height, shapes and roof shutters. 

Shaped shutters 


We can make shutters to fit a multitude of shaped windows including arches, portholes, pentagonal, hexagonal and triangular windows. Our shutter fitters can also install shutters onto roof windows and odd shaped angled windows. 

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